Final Evaluation

  Google Summer of Code 2021 Project Final Report This is the final report of the project undertaken by me during the Google Summer of Code 2021. This report contains relevant information pertaining to all the work that I experimented out during the GSoC timeline, from May 2021 to August 2021. Student Name Nikita Mahoviya Organization National Resource for Network Biology Project Title Develop GUI for ImageJ groovy script calling VCell API Mentors Ann Cowan Frank Morgan Michael Blinov Project Overview We have to create a service for VCell users that allows Fiji/ImageJ scripting to directly access the VCell client and then expand this service into a series of user-friendly plugins for ImageJ that will automate processing and analyzing cell imaging simulation experiments. The task will include: Entering the appropriate images to create a geometry Setting initial conditions for the simulation Running multiple simulations with varying parameter sets and Visualizing and comparing simulation

Coding Period: Week 10

  This week was all about wrapping up the work as we headed towards the last coding week and the work accomplished included: Improving the README of the repository Segregating the java files according to their future reference Worked over the alignment of the text in Help and Template plugin Pop-up message in various conditions while using the plugin DIscussion about drafting the final documentation - Nikita Mahoviya

Coding Period Week 9

  So now as we are at a conclusion, the wrapping up of the work has begun. This week I worked over making a template that could be very useful for developers to have an insight into adding elements to a GUI with the framework. This included adding various  Buttons that could direct the user to the web browser Added sliders Buttons: toggle buttons, radio buttons Browsing file Adding message text boxes etc. Worked over the development of a help plugin that has the  information about the machine that we are using a prerequisite for launching VCell Plugins  adding buttons that could direct us to the web browser. Writing the documentation according to the guidelines and maintaining the repository - Nikita Mahoviya

Coding Period Week 8

In the meetings, we discussed how interactive we can make the sequence of plugins and GUI. So for this, we concluded :  Creating a GUI for the information page that will direct us to various links such as VCell Website, Support, etc  Converting the into JFrame Giving menu paths (nested menus) and providing icons for the various available plugins. - Nikita Mahoviya

Coding Period Week 7

Now we headed towards the 2nd coding phase where I discussed with the mentor how the work and how to proceed. So this week and for the upcoming, we will focus on calling various plugins from a single plugin. For doing this we referred to some of the plugins like:-  Cell Counter LSM Toolbox And begin with certain small tasks like: Adding a question mark, after clicking launch Help window Adding an icon to any field/button, like in the LSM toolbox Adding a vertical divider, horizontal divider, controlling the width, the length Adding JPanel with logo  Adding - Nikita Mahoviya

First Evaluation: Coding Period Week 6

The results of the First evaluation were out and the efforts over the project brought us to the evaluation phase. So, I passed my first evaluation and received feedback about my work quality, interaction, and some personal approach too for dealing with the project. So here are some of the questions that were asked:- About the Student Did you contribute to National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) before February 2021? Did you participate in open source before GSoC 2021? <if Yes then for how many years> How many years have you been participating in open source? Were you a GSoC student before GSoC 2021? <if Yes then name of the organization> Communication When did you first communicate with National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) this year? How often do you interact with your mentor(s)? How do you communicate with your mentor(s)? How responsive are your mentor(s)? Experience What is your favorite part of participating in GSoC? What is the most challenging part of par

Coding Period: Week 5

  I discussed the progress of the GUI integration with Michael Sir and the errors I came across and then we concluded  that first we will separate the ‘LinePlot into  Line Plot by Time’ and  ‘Line Plot by Distance’ into two options and then proceed further for which referring the VCellPlugin and experimenting it was important.  I also started working upon the conversion of various other Groovy scripts into plugins taking the reference of VCellPlugin. - Nikita Mahoviya